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Responsible Gaming Playing in Singapore Online Betting Site

We Encourage You to Play Responsibly.

Gambling should be a way of entertainment, while at the same time, to be enjoyed responsibly. Every player should avoid chasing losses and to never play with money that out of your affordability to lose. You should always play with rational, do not gamble the money that is supposed to cover your living expenses. Do check your account balance and manage your bankroll regularly so that you know where you spend your money and know when to avoid massive losses in gambling.

If you are not feeling comfortable due to your gambling behaviour, consider taking self-exclusion and you should stop playing.

Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service staff at live chat who are available 24/7 if you need help or have any concerns.

Responsible Gaming and Protection Measures

At 12Play, we prioritise our members and users in all kind of services and experience to keep them enjoy at our online casino. At the same time, we pride ourselves to be transparent, fair and socially responsible to protect our players from playing irresponsibly. Problems gaming or addiction to gambling can cause disruptions to one’s life, physically or psychologically. Losing money on a regular basis is a symptom of compulsive gambling.

This behaviour signals when a player involves in an occasional gambling to habitual gambling. It was initially in a form of entertainment but then turn into an addictive behaviour when the urge to gamble is so great that only can be relieved by gambling. Please be advised, an addicted gambling player involves in a higher stake of personal risk, where one may start to neglect their family, work or other interests.

Prevention of Addictive Gambling

Prevention against an addictive behaviour is challenging. You should constantly reflect yourself and stop playing if you realized gambling has cause you problems in daily life.

If you are unsure whether you are involved in a problem gaming/gambling behaviour, check if the below apply to you:

  • I am having a boring life and I gamble to escape from it.
  • I lost interest in my family, friends and hobbies.
  • Sometimes I avoid work, college or school just to go gamble.
  • I chase losses and would in despair to gamble again as soon as possible.
  • Others know about my gambling behaviour and criticised about it.
  • I would lie to cover up the money and time I have spent in gambling.
  • I borrowed or stolen money to settle my debts from gambling.
  • Arguments, disappointments, and anger in real life make me want to gamble.
  • I feel depressed and even think of suicidal because of my gambling.

If any or most of the above statements apply to you, you are urged to consult for help.

Prevent Underage Gambling: We say NO to Underage Gambling

We understand that a minor does not have the maturity and sometimes is not able to carry rational thinking. In order to protect the minor, 12Play do not allows any players under the age of 18 to gamble at our website.

If you are a parent, we suggest you to install filtering programs on your children’s computer or devices to limit their access.

We also advise you to take the following precautions too:

  • Your children should not be unmonitored in front of a computer.
  • You should properly educate your children if they reach the correct age, on what is gambling and what are the bad sides if this is not being controlled.
  • If your children have the access to your computer or other mobile devices, we suggest that that particular devices should always be logout from the account and do not remember your password on the devise.
  • Do not give access of your credit card or other payment information to you children.